Fumbling My Way Through Life

Perfectionism is overrated

Sara Burdick


Mural in Támesis

According to Google, the rainy season in Jericó starts on March 1st. However, it has already gotten cold and rainy.

I am not complaining.

The first day, when it began to thunderstorm, I was so excited. I have loved thunderstorms ever since I was a child and would watch the lightning dance across the sky from my bedroom window.

I love how the wind blows and the sound of thunder as if the gods are having a party. They are celebrating high above, and we receive their joy.

However, it does not get as cold here in Colombia as those who live up north. The mornings and evenings will be chilly, but there will be sun and warmth at midday.

Lately, I have been craving the cool temperatures. Maybe I am feeling lazy, and the feeling of hibernation gives me an excuse to take a break.

The more work I do outside with my hands, the less I want to focus on the screen. Each sunny day, there is an opportunity to work on something that is outside in nature vs where I am now sitting, inside.

The more I focus on the screen, the more stress it brings me. The unforgiving algorithms, if you do not produce, you are kicked out.

At some point, it makes me not want to do anything, and I get stuck in analysis paralysis; then, what do I do?

I work in the garden.

Instantly, I felt the sun on my face and the warm breeze, knowing that I had created and planted something that would continue to nourish me for months. The best part is that I am instantly at peace when I go to the garden.

Still, when I sit down at my computer, I am constantly reminded that I am not good enough because I do not have a million income streams, making a million dollars, and of course, I do not get up at 5 am and do not try to fit into the ideal world of a content creator.

When is enough enough?

When can we just do something without criticism?

Being online and sharing my life with the world often brings judgment and hate, and of course, everyone’s opinions of how I am doing it wrong, or doing it right, or who the hell knows.



Sara Burdick

I quit the rat race after working as a nurse for 16 years. Travel and Storyteller. I live in Colombia. https://linktr.ee/saraaliceburdick