How Reading Self-Help Books Is Only The Beginning And The Easy Part

Action is the hard part, however, do not pay a 20-year-old life coach to help you figure this out, please.

Sara Burdick


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I swear I have read or listened to every self-help book written, or at least 90% of them.

The books are helpful to get you to a point, but you still have to jump. They can lay it all out, but YOU still have to leap.

Yet is, what we do, is keep reading, and I will never fault reading; I am an avid reader, when I am down, I reach for a book to lift me. They are inspiring, and if you have to read 1000 to get you to jump, do it, but don’t stay stuck in the beginning stages.

I think self-help can keep you stuck; there is so much of it out there that you can read read read, but, in the end, it is up to you to take action.

The books are entertaining and make you think. The problem does not lie in self-help books- it lies in the 20-year-old life coach, who wants to “show you that you too can be enlightened.”

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It might start very harmless; an influencer recommends a book. You think, wow, I love this book, then you are down a rabbit hole, and the “guru” is in your email.

The book was just the start of your self-discovery journey, and guess what they have a course to help you go deeper, and then you will get the secret. And make you wonder, how is this person who is 20 years old, so wise.

They are not.

They usually plagiarize the book you just read but “go deeper.”

The course is only 2,000 USD. What a deal! They also tell you the real value is 4,997, but for you, 2k. Also, who determines this value? I always wonder; its usually a number that ends in a 7 for selling purposes.

If you have fallen for the BS courses as I have, you are aware of the tactics!

Yet money is an investment into yourself; how can you deny this gift to your mental health?



Sara Burdick

I quit the rat race after working as a nurse for 16 years. Travel and Storyteller. I live in Colombia.