How to stay sober while traveling and still have fun

Two basic rules I live by while staying in hostels.

Sara Burdick
4 min readNov 26, 2022
Playing Tejo, I won twice 🤣

I have gone back to hostel living; on top of always being the oldest one in the hostel, I am always the nondrinker.

When I first quit drinking, it bothered me that everyone asked me why I didn’t drink or told me to have a little it’s ok. So I stopped going out, and I stopped staying in hostels, or I chose the most boring hostel, and then I would never meet anyone.

I realized that was not an option. I love meeting people while traveling, I love going out, and I love to dance. If I stay at a hostel with zero atmosphere, I will remove a few of my life’s joys.

So I still go out and try to dance; I do it all sober. I allow everyone to ask me all the annoying questions; they no longer bother me.

The magic bullet for staying sober while traveling is a combination of time and desire.

What does time have to do with sobriety, a whole hell of a lot.

The longer you are sober, the less you care about what other people think of your sobriety. The first year was rough, I admit. Then the second that came into play was desire.



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