Most travel bloggers give the worst advice: spending a week in the birthplace of humanity.

Arcabuco, Colombia

Sara Burdick
5 min readMay 23


Sacred mountains, can you see a woman laying on her back?

I just read an article on Colombia and traveling here that was the worst advice I have ever read, and it was by a very, very, very popular OG travel blogger.

He had an awful experience in Colombia last year, I read the article last year. It leaves me a bit baffled at his travel advice; he was robbed and knifed in Bogotá, but he is fine.

He was in a touristic part of town, and Bogotá is known for being notoriously dangerous; imagine NYC or Chicago. I like it here, as I am here now, it is one of the biggest cities in Colombia, very spread out with lots of pockets of good and bad.

However, as we all know, bad things can happen anywhere, even in your hometown; currently, I feel safer in Colombia than in my home country. The rise of violence in the US is not a surprise as the country seems to be going through some aches and pains; I think of the US as a teenager since it is a relatively young country.

Back to the horrible advice I have been advocating for getting off the beaten path and practically screaming it from the rooftops; in his blog, he says to stay on the beaten path.

Seriously? Did I read that correctly? Oh the article front page of google.

Apparently off the beaten path cows are very dangerous.

I almost dropped my phone; he was on the beaten path when he got robbed, and yet this is the advice he gives.

He is very wrong and knows nothing about this country. He is a tourist, and that is it. I might be biased after living here for two years, learning the language, and only surrounding myself with locals.

Locals are often surprised that I can speak Spanish, and I am amazed, too; a very up-and-down road. Which has, of course, had its ups and downs and has not always been easy; it is worth it.

River in Arcabuco



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