Movement is magic when your soul is lost, one step at a time

The other day I spent much time stressing about what to do, where to go, and how to decide.

Sara Burdick


Photo by Frank Holleman on Unsplash

I still have those questions, but there is something to movement and action. I am placing one foot in front of the other, baby steps, my favorite steps.

This morning as I was laying in bed feeling sorry for myself, eating leftover pizza and downing a cappuccino from the coffee bar downstairs, I had a realization come over me, not a surprise, but one that set my whole day at ease.

My grief about leaving the mountain yesterday was so palpable I thought I would have to get off the bus; I had a panic attack. I have never been one for anxiety or panic attacks, so this was a first for me.

I thought, is this what it feels like?

I then proceeded to cry for 4 hours on the bus; thank goodness no one was sitting next to me; they would have thought I was having a nervous breakdown, and I also thought I was.

But dang, a night being pampered and complaining to anyone who would listen helped. I have been watching Handmaid’s Tale. I read the book a few years ago, and now it’s a series of over four parts, and I am almost finished, but how can I feel awful while watching that?

I mean, it scares me more than anything because it could happen. Anyway, that is a different article.

I had initially planned to go to the north of Colombia. However, when I got to Medellín, I could not bring myself to get on another bus, which is how I ended up sitting in an éxito using their wifi, looking for a place to stay yesterday.

Travel Tip: Éxito in Colombia has free wifi!

So all my planning for me to end up in a grocery store looking for a last-minute place, and it was completely worth it.

I ended up staying at a super fancy hotel, and I would have stayed all week, but in Medellín, there is a concert I will leave the city before then. Hostel prices have gone up to hundreds of dollars a night for a bed in a hostel!

I paid around $50 for a room last night, in a four or 5-star hotel, for a family room; it was all they had left. And…



Sara Burdick

I quit the rat race after working as a nurse for 16 years. Travel and Storyteller. I live in Colombia.