My secret addiction.

Ok, not so secret.

Sara Burdick
3 min readApr 27


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It seems that every few months, the ¨how I start my super productive day, morning routine¨ begins to circulate through the blogosphere and YouTube-sphere.

Each time I think I should get up at 5 am, 6 am, or 7 am… well, I sometimes roll out of bed at 7 or 8, or 9. I usually have no rush to start my day unless I have a plane, train, bus, or boat to catch, and even then, my alarm often fails to go off, but I eventually make it.

Then, my internal clock wakes me up.

The first thing I do, when I wake up is drink water, that had become a habit for about the past ten years, and then I lay in bed and grab my phone.

I know all self-help gurus or those who think they know best just rolled their eyes. NOT THE PHONE!

¨Has she not read my blog about how unproductive getting on your phone is in the morning¨.

¨Well, Bob, obviously, this is why she is a nonproductive potato until about 12¨.

So yes, I do not walk, work out, or read; I do lay in bed and do my WORDLE. Thanks to my brother, he got me addicted and hooked, and if I cannot get it within about 15 minutes, I will put my phone down, get coffee, and get back to it.

Lately, though, I have been getting it before I roll out of bed. Practice does make almost perfect. Except for the other day, seriously, Kayak.

When they use double letters, it always confuses me, and I then cuss at the game and either accept defeat, which rarely happens or tell my sister how stupid the word was today.

She forgets to do it, so I always remind her; not like she has a kid, a farm, a husband, and a job to think of, so I nudge her.. did you get the WORDLE. It is obviously the most important thing on her list, so usually, later afternoon, she responds, got it.

I don’t ask my brother, as he has always been the genius in the family and gets it on the second or first try because, apparently, he is some brilliant being who knows the word in his sleep or something; I am not.

He will say it’s so obvious if I do not get it. Yes, thanks, bro; after you get it, of course, it’s obvious.



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