Photos, Motos, Horses, and Churches, Welcome to Rural Colombia

A walk around my pueblito in rural Colombia.

Sara Burdick
4 min readSep 19, 2022


Street art!

This morning when I woke up, the power was out. It was as if the universe answered an unasked question. Yesterday I was on my computer so much without my blue light glasses I had the worst headache.

I told myself I would not do anything on my laptop until the afternoon. I will start setting hours to be online. I have noticed that technology has taken over my life, and I’m not too fond of it. Today I had a solid 9 hours without power, it was bliss.

I was so productive and took a long walk into town. I suddenly got inspired to take a ton of photos; I am trying to channel my inner GE McKerrihan; if you are not following his daily photo walks, you must! He is a fellow medium writer living abroad, and his photos are impressive.

I feel like I walk through an art gallery every time I read his article. So I thought I would give you a walking tour of my little pueblito.

Views from the road, the river, and Piedra el Tabor (the mountain in the back, you can hike to the top!)

I love walking to town; I take a moment and appreciate the views that usually go zipping by. Piedra el Tabor is one of the most challenging hikes I have done here, you hike to the top, and the views are fantastic.

A side street, not so busy today.

A side street headed out of town. Not as much street traffic, but you can see the colorful buildings. The pueblo I live in has had so much trauma in the past that it is not as bright as other Colombian towns. But, you can still see and feel the pain. Yet every day I go to town, I notice a new mural or new restaurant, so it comes back to life every day.

Headed to the square.

The main street headed into town. On the left, there is a little Pandaria, and to the right, a little restaurant that has a menu del día. As you can see, the way of…



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