The Beauty Of Fitting Into Two Worlds

Can you blend into both?

Sara Burdick


Eris y yo en la finca.

I spent the weekend in the city. When my friend asked me what I wanted to eat, I said foods we don’t have in San Carlos.

So, I did not have Colombian food for three days in Colombia.
When I came home to the countryside, and my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for dinner, I said, “normal, lo Mismo.

I liked what we always have, an arepa with eggs, plantains, or onions. The plantains are from the garden also.

Did I miss the food, or did I miss the comfort I have of being home?

As my dog has not left my side since I have returned. I have learned to cook Colombian food as well; it is addicting. The simplicity of the food here is beautiful. The life I have here is beautiful.

Will I go for three days without having Colombian food in Colombia again? Most likely, no. I missed it.

Was it just the food that I missed or was it more?

I have the best of both worlds — a short 4-hour bus ride to a completely different world. And I can fit into both worlds.

I love the energy and diversity of the city, and I love the tranquility and knowingness of the countryside.

I am grateful to have amazing friends in the city for the next two months, so more trips to come. However, I hope they come to experience another side of the country, which I now call home.

As I sit with the door open, listening to the rain, and my dog sleeping next to me.





Sara Burdick

I quit the rat race after working as a nurse for 16 years. Travel and Storyteller. I live in Colombia.