The city of love, wine tours, and history: A week in the Kakheti Region of Georgia

Last week, I went on a wine tour.

Sara Burdick
5 min readSep 1, 2023
The Wine Cave

No, I did not drink; I wanted to see the countryside of Georgia. I was in Sighnahi in the Kakheti Region of Georgia, also known as the ¨City of Love¨.

It is more picturesque than most other Georgian cities; many claim it is the ¨Tuscany¨ of Georgia. It was beautiful, but not Tuscany. I don’t like to compare; it was unique in its own right and on its own.

Sighnahi is the location of The Wedding House, the first 24/7 wedding chapel. Many people flock to Sighnahi to get married. The colored houses and the stone-cobbled roads make it the perfect destination wedding.

In front of the Wedding House

Plus, the vineyards and the oldest winemaking region in Georgia. So we went on a wine tour organized by Nado and Lado Guesthouse. Nado’s husband was the driver and took us to wineries, a 6th-century monastery, The Nekresi Monastery, and a lake. So, it was not all about the wine; it also made me happy that I chose to go.



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