The city of love, wine tours, and history: A week in the Kakheti Region of Georgia

Last week, I went on a wine tour.

Sara Burdick


The Wine Cave

No, I did not drink; I wanted to see the countryside of Georgia. I was in Sighnahi in the Kakheti Region of Georgia, also known as the ¨City of Love¨.

It is more picturesque than most other Georgian cities; many claim it is the ¨Tuscany¨ of Georgia. It was beautiful, but not Tuscany. I don’t like to compare; it was unique in its own right and on its own.

Sighnahi is the location of The Wedding House, the first 24/7 wedding chapel. Many people flock to Sighnahi to get married. The colored houses and the stone-cobbled roads make it the perfect destination wedding.

In front of the Wedding House

Plus, the vineyards and the oldest winemaking region in Georgia. So we went on a wine tour organized by Nado and Lado Guesthouse. Nado’s husband was the driver and took us to wineries, a 6th-century monastery, The Nekresi Monastery, and a lake. So, it was not all about the wine; it also made me happy that I chose to go.

View from the Monastery

Tip: Go to the monastery and skip the man-made lake.

Part of traveling is learning about the area’s history, especially in this part of Georgia, wine is history. In 2015, archaeologists found proof that wine existed in the Kakheti region for 8,000 years, making it the world’s oldest wine-producing part; this day, most of the vines in Europe and Asia come from the vines harvested in Georgia.

Outside the wine cave, my little group.

With as much conflict Georgia has had throughout the years, the winemakers learned how to harvest the saplings from their vineyards, so every time they were forced off their lands, they always had a way to start over, to regrow, and that was life until Georgia became independent in 1991.



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