The lies we tell

We all lie, you might read that, and I have immediately triggered you; something inside of you just got looked at.

Sara Burdick
6 min readMay 26


Nature never lies, all this little guy wanted was belly rubs, of course I obliged.

Even though it’s hiding behind many faces/egos/who you think you are/ want to be. We all do it; we get angry when someone says we do it. I do it, except the biggest lie is the one we tell ourselves.

The ego is the mask we wear, depending on the situation-agreeing, to go along with something because everyone else is ¨doing it¨ — the go with the crowd mentality.

In society now, so many people are changing so many things about their life to fit in, or now more popular is to fit out, to be the outsider, the weird one. Oh, how the tables have turned, but is it a good thing?

We are not all meant to fit out, just like we are not all meant to fit in.

I often feel attacked when someone tells me I lie, like almost everyone else, to lie to myself. Except my lies are ok, right?

It’s ok to lie to ourselves because we are not hurting anyone. Except the one person we are meant to protect is ourselves, so lying to ourselves is doing the most harm. If we show up in the world covered in lies, with a smile that other person will see right through it, or maybe not.

That is how society works. Most of us are so obsessed with our shit that we don’t care about what is happening around us as long as they don’t see us for who we are. And then it snowballs and eventually becomes dis-ease.

I have a theory.

We want to make ourselves feel better; it’s like our boppy or binky when we were kids. A comfort blanket that goes everywhere with you, except as an adult, I can not carry a blanket around.

Well, I could, but I should deal with my issues instead.

However, then comes the lies, I am fine, I am ok, I don’t need anyone. When did we become a society where we must become so independent that we do not need help or anyone?

I am considering purchasing a farm because of the closeness of support and the ability to be in a community that sees the importance of asking for help.

So why does dis-ease happen?



Sara Burdick

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