The road there is always the best part, the destination is a bonus

Yesterday I finally left Medellín.

Sara Burdick


View from my Hostel. Manizales, Colombia

I have a very unpopular opinion of Medellín, as it is my least favorite place in Colombia. However, I did need to go to collect my thoughts.

I stayed in a hotel for a day and chilled in a hostel for two days. After that, it was to decide what and where to go. I am headed south, so the original route of heading north was out of the question.

I only have two weeks before my visa expires, and I want to make the most of my time here until I come back in January; that is the rough plan. As I realized, I am unable to plan my life.

Manizales, Colombia early morning clouds slowly clearing up.

Yesterday I took a 7-hour bus ride to Manizales. A city in the mountain and coffee region. The town is higher in the mountains and a bit colder.

However, it is refreshing, and I love the change in weather. I am currently staying in a hostel on the side of a mountain, not in the city center, as I do not party; there is no reason to surround myself with those who are not on the same plan as me.

It is quiet, and all I heard when I woke up this morning were birds when I looked out the window, I was in a cloud forest. It is incredible. Two dogs and a cat have taken a liking to me; I will be covered in cat hair until I leave. I love animals and will soak up all the love while here.

Brenda giving me love.

Traveling by bus is always an adventure. Will we get stuck in traffic, will the person next to me talk to me? Will we go off the side of a cliff, an adventure?

We made it in one piece, and I also made two new friends. Two nice guys from Bogotá sat next to me, and we chatted; later, meet up with them to walk around the city.

New friends!aQW



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