The simplicity of life always amazes me.

Los Santos, Colombia.

Sara Burdick
4 min readMay 4, 2023
Sunsets over the Canyon

As a teen, I was rebellious, with a mind of my own. Well, some things never change. I am sitting in a hostel on the side of the Chicamocha Canyon, the deepest canyon in Colombia.

It is 7:30 am. I am a morning person this week, and A/C D/C is playing on the stereo; a waft of memories flood back to, I would say, simpler times, but my life at the moment is as simple as it has ever been.

Curious cows

I also won’t lie; I never want to leave this hostel; in the morning, the birds wake me up, and the sun rises over the mountains and sets over the cliffs.

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

The weather is perfect up on the mountain, but down in the valley, that is a different story; it is hot, humid, and still beautiful.

Los Santos, Colombia

Here I am, a bit of an odd one out; I am in the mecca of rock climbing. Did I know this before coming?



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