We Do Not Speak The Same Language Should We Date?

Sara Burdick
6 min readSep 25, 2021

Would you let a language barrier hold you back from finding love?

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So he asked me out in English! My first thoughts, he speaks some English. Because honestly, I doubted if I can date someone with whom I can not properly communicate.

Relationships are hard enough without a language barrier, wouldn’t this be a disaster!

Let me back up for just a minute to give some context to our unusual meeting.

I was signed up for a Spanish school about 4 hours outside of Medellin, Colombia. So the owners of the school were in town that weekend and offered to pick me up from my hostel.

I actually planned on taking the bus.

I had just spent 5 months with my family and could use it for alone time. Any other introverts out there will understand this!

So the plan 2 days prior was to take the bus. I like the bus I put on my headphones; I zone out for 4 hours and obsessively listen to my newest book.

That Friday I woke up and saw a message from them, asking again if I wanted a ride. Not sure what came over me, I said, yes I will take a ride, why not. They came directly to my hostel! Easy!

They picked me up at 2 pm on Sunday and said the ride will be about 4 hours; we have to pick up someone else on the way. Not sure, but in my head I instantly thought, I hope it's a man and I hope he’s hot.

You know if I have to be in the car with him- why not! The ride ended up being 7 hours!

Photo by Paul Gilmore on Unsplash

I wish I had captured the moment I laid eyes on him. I had my go pro going, but my first thought was, oh I know this man. He had his mask on, standing there like he owned the road.

And instantly, my soul knew him.

This woman saying this is not me. I am cynical, think love does not exist, have sworn to be single for the rest of my life. Especially when people say when you know you know. I am the friend who laughs at you calling bullshit. And the whole soul knowing you bullshit.. is bullshit. Or until it happened to me.



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