Will Bucaramanga become the next hotspot in Colombia?


Sara Burdick
4 min readApr 30


Park in Bucaramanga, Colombia

I am a bit of a creature of habit. I sit in my room, listening to the rain on the tin roofs around me.

The sound drowns out the loud music blaring a minute ago and drowning out the sounds of cars passing by. Yes, when will I ever learn? I’m not too fond of cities.

I have been in small towns or pueblos for the past month. I enjoy my daily walks around Pueblos, checking out the locals, walking by the cows and chickens, and loving on-the-street dogs.

However, I decided to check out the city of Bucaramanga. I have heard so many good things about it, the overlooked city of Colombia.

The charm of the parks, the lack of tourists, and the slow, steady up-and-coming nightlife may one day rival Medellin. But don’t ask me about the nightlife; I am snug in bed by 10 pm.

I must say, no, lo sieto mucho Bucaramanga. However, you will never be Medellin. First of all, there are no Paisas here, which is the charm of Medellin.

I know you are reading this thinking, but Sara, you don’t like Medellin. That is correct. I have a new appreciation for the city and why so many move there. Will I move there? No, never.

Yet do I miss the charm of the Paisas? Yes.

I wanted to love this city, and I am a bit of a lazy traveler these days. If I can not walk out of my hotel, walk up a mountain or sit in the square, or explore the waterfall, on foot without taking a bike, taxi, or bus. I have zero interest.

Busy streets.

The first day I got here, I thought ok, I saw on the map a Parque de Agua; I asked the girl where it was and if I could visit. No, it’s closed for repairs.

Ok, and are there other parks? She rattled off a bunch and then told me to see a small town outside the city or go to the municipality of Floridablanca south of here.

I am a lazy traveler, I came to see Bucaramanga, not the towns around, or I would have stayed there! I also picked the wrong hostel, well, it’s an amazing hostel, but it is only near a mall and a…



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